Van Jacobson on Networking – Its all about the data

Damien linked to this excellent video talk given by Van Jacobson entitled “A New Way to Look At Networking“. In it Jacobson gives a lightening history of the birth of telephony networks (its all about wires), the advent of packet switching (a way to evade circuit setup times) and our modern Internet (a mechanism for information dissemination).  He then predicts how the web will have to change and how existing content will no longer have an authoritative location but will live “everywhere” on the web.

He then points out that all existing security models depend on securing the route, but say nothing about the content, which is why spam and phishing attacks are so successful. In the future the content itself will be secured, hence the ability to live anywhere rather than being delivered by a authoritative host (e.g. or its proxies.

He concludes by pointing out some of the issues around incentivising the “content everywhere” model of operation.

Important lessons for anybody involved in developing modern web applications. I’ll be watching this one again.

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