2 thoughts on “Sharpcast's top ten questions

  1. This is spot on and a compelling sell. Many people do feel they’ve been somehow misled by traditional online photo websites and are left feeling they were set up with expectations that are then not met after they have invested significant effort to get their collections onto the website.

    Nothing like the feeling that you’ve been had to make you run into the arms of a competitor who is able pinpoint and verbalise your pain.

    How does Sharpcast’s offering compare to Putplace?


  2. Well we do something similar, but how are we different?

    We offer to put your content where ever you want (e.g. you can backup to S3, or XDrive or your website). We will also manage your content in place (i.e. you don’t have to put it all in a special location).

    We also focus on remembering what you did with your content when, so you get a complete life history for all your content. Memory is context so by providing a complete context for when you copied what files where, we believe we can offer a more compelling lifetime management solution.

    Sharpcast are clear competitors and the fact that they have raised 15m dollars in VC does exercise my mind regularily 🙂


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