What's missing from Yahoo Pipes

Spent some time playing with Yahoo Pipes this morning. Very nice and slick interface for web savvy programmers, but not much to see here for mere mortals. Its fairly good at aggregating and manipulating feeds, buts its still pretty much a walled garden. I may be missing something but how do you get out of Pipes? I see tracks going in but none coming.

Can I send content to an ftp site, or a blog or a virtual file store (S3 anyone?).

I can appreciate Yahoo might have some concerns about shipping some large percentage of the Internet through their servers, but somebody is going to do an input/output system that will not just aggregate for display but aggregate for subsequent processing.

How would I extend pipes? Let people at the meta.  I want to create my out sources and my own sinks. Imagine being able to incorporate a Rails or Django endpoint as a sink to process the content and then be able to feed that content back into Pipes? Why can’t I add XML-RPC or REST requests as a source?

 Now that would be something.

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