6 thoughts on “Sean O'Sullivan talks to Thomas Howe about MySay.com

  1. I hate pouring cold water on any startup, especially an Irish one but this description of MySay as ‘twitter for voice’ (and you’re not the only one to say so) worries me when I think that the company behind Twitter is *selling* it’s audio technology – Odeo. Or am I missing something?


  2. (Sean here from mysay)

    That’s right.

    Twitter is a production of the same team behind Odeo (they’re now called Obvious, a name I like).

    Twitter works. It has generated great “buzz”, and is growing quite rapidly. This is one of the areas/projects that the Obvious team are now investing in further and focusing on. So being tagged with “Twitter for Voice” is actually quite a compliment. It associates mysay with a social texting service that’s very well respected in certain circles.

    Odeo has been less successful. It’s more a destination site for managing your favourite audio, especially podcast material, from around the web. It seems to have reached a certain level in terms of user penetration and page hits (Obvious say it’s self-sustaining at currentl levels through ad revenue). But it’s just not….enough. Hence they’re selling it to focus on Twitter.

    We like the informal, ad-hoc, conversational style of twitter. We think there’s an angle to really stitch your voice in to this style of communication. Mysay is for staying in (casual) touch with friends, family, work colleagues around the world and around the web. Where Odeo is really about the content, mysay is about communication and contact with people you (mostly) know.

    We did our initial public pitch at ETel – and the feedback has been very positive so far (Beta opens end March, plug, plug! 🙂 The Thomas Howe podcast arose out of meeting him at that event.

    And for final laughs, we also were described as “myspace for your phone” and “youtube for voice”. We’ll happily take any of those analogies, especially if the valuation follows one day 🙂 🙂


  3. Ah, thanks Sean and Joe, I’ve a much better understanding of the product now. Sounds very exciting Sean and I’m going to be watching it closely. I’m a twitter fanboy myself so I can fully understand the attraction in adding a voice element. Keep up the great work.


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