InterTradeIreland – Private Equity Conference – Prof. Donald Fitzmaurice – Technology Convergence

ePlanet ventures widely recognised in global VC circles. 7 global offices.

Investment professionals are either deeply technical or have formed their own companies.

We want all the things other VCs want.

Allocation is purely opportunistic, do not pre-allocate funds to specific segments.

We benchmark companies against their global competitors.

Invested in Skype and Baidu (Chinese search engine).

No. 1 performing fund in the world.

Our companies need to be category dominant.

Three key enabling technologies, biotechnology, nanotechnology and ICT.

We can visualise the detail of biological function (e.g. the flagella of a Sperm) , we can simulate the process and then we can conceive of designing an artificial version.

By 2025 (if Moore’s law continues) the available computational power will be equivalent to a human brain (hmmm!).

We can now produce wiring diagrams for brain function.

We can connect a brain to a computer (nasty picture of a mouse with what looks like an Ethernet cable stuck into its head!).

Ritalin routinely used by university students to enhance performance in exams.

The Brain Age is Ninetendo’s biggest selling product (target market the over 50’s).

Sustained health. Artificial pancreas.

Extended life span. Suppress the seven chemical path ways. Reduce your calorie intake to extend your lifespan. Doubled the life span of a mouse by reducing its calorie processing capability.

The first person to live to the age of a 1000 may have already been born (Aubrey De Gray).

Mastering complexity . Global warming. Climate change.  What ever we do is a waste of time, its what happens in China and India that will make the difference. Climate engineering is the future. Alternatively we can go nuclear. Their is now world shortage of Uranium Oxide. (25% price increate in the last year).

The hydrogen economy, burn hydrogen, you get water not C02.

Nano, Bio and Info is the future.

Intrapace – emplanted in stomach and makes you feel full. Can make you sick if you overdo it. Stomach pacing.

Creativity. Moore’s law, plastronics, Any-Fab.  D:Wave – quantum computing chips (just demo’d a 16 bit computing chip).

Sustainability – Batteries, HPL- High powered Lithium.

JungJo (sp?) University in China- 200,000 students, 70% doing science, 125 startups produced last year, founded only 5 years ago. Welcome to the competition.

Entrepreneurs – Core Team, innovative product x 10, pragmatic market entry strategy and large addressable market.

Drivers – Wellbeing, creativity and sustainability.

Without Nuclear power we are hugely exposed strategically. (Big push for nuclear).



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