InterTradeIreland – Private Equity Conference – Seedcorn Winners

John Gallagher – 2004 Smart Homes

Design and install central cabling systems.

Telecommunication and entertainment services.

New developments.

Market leader in Ireland.

Support broadband, telephony, networks, satellite services, multi-media systems.

Volume and large scale projects, quality and attention detail, build a brand, Innovation and R&D.

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity.

Find a grey head to be a mentor.

60+ staff in 2006.

Ivan Coulter – Sigmoid Technologies

Delivering seamless drug solutions. 2006 winners.

Some drugs are water soluble, new drugs are not water soluble but are oil soluble. Convert large capsules into mini capsules to dictate delivery spectrum within the gut.

Crisis in pharma industry. Patents expiring, fewer drugs are emerging.

Drug delivery : solubility, permeability, stability.

8 people.

Huge list of academic collaborations

Developing four products at the moment.

Currently have 2m invested.

Looking to raise 4m.

Dan Phillpott 2006 winner, EnBIO

Enhancing BioMaterials.

Medical device coatings.

Active coatings. Induces a positive biological response for any medical implant (e.g. hip replacement).

Coating applied at room temperature. Therefor can be combined with other agents.

Makes a specific coating piezo electric to encourage healing.

Short story: Patients recover more quickly with less chance of setbacks.

Raised 2m.

Business model, licensing and royalties.

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