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I found a cool holiday tracking program last week Lovely full feature program for tracking holiday allocations and requests for a small company. It has a proper approval system and lots of nice support for things like sick leave and pretty cool reporting tools. Best of all its free (ad supported, but ads are pretty innocuous).

Its a bit twitchy in Firefox (some gifs aren’t laid out properly) but apart from that does exactly what it says on the tin, tells you who’s off today.

3 thoughts on “Cool Tool:

  1. Nice find Joe.


    With the EU wide working time directive, which leaves your company open to expensive fines.

    A Flexitime system, enables you to increase the productivity of your workforce, create a family friendly working environment, attract and retain key staff.

    This is free to get you to enter your information, then they will start to charge a fee, if you refuse, you will loose all data you entered into the system.
    “Is this service really Free? What’s the catch ?
    Yes, this is currently a free service. Our revenue comes from advertisers on the site.”

    The Bradford factor can be used to identify problematic absenteeism within your company.


  2. Hi Joe, just to clarify the system

    Compliance, yes all companies must comply with the working time directive and how they do that is up to them and not necessarily confined to an easy to use – free holiday planner.

    Flexitime, Yes felixtime is interesting but far from required by everyone and can be managed outside an easy to use holiday planner.

    The pricing is clear, very clear – currently free.. as you point out.

    Absenteeism, yes that can be recorded and clearly seen as well in the system including fully featured printable reports.


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