Skiing in Kitzbuhel

Arrived in Kitzbuhel on Saturday after a nightmare 24 hours when we discovered the kids passports were out of date on Friday night. It is possible to get a passport renewed in less than 24 hours on St. Patricks day but I don’t recommend it as heart medicine.

I’m not aware of anybody targetting missles at commercial airlines landing Salzburg, but you might be forgiven for thinking it after the manouvers out pilot indulged in shortly before landing. I have rarely stared out a window straight at the in an aeroplane whose wings are at a 90 degree angle to the ground 2 minutes before landing, even our kids were saying “hey we’re at a really funny angle”, yes, and Dad has a really funny look on his face.

Well not a speck of snow in Kitzbuhel when we arrived, it looked more like Wexford than Austria, apart from the blistering hot sunshine. The ski rep. Rick promised snow fall on Sunday and blow me down but he was right. The whole place was transformed overnight on Sunday to a skiing paradise. My skiing is still shite, but I can’t blame the conditions anymore. 

If you plan on bring kids skiing in Kitzbuhel, I can recomend the Kaiserhof Hotel as accomodation, its right beside the kids ski school.

2 thoughts on “Skiing in Kitzbuhel

  1. I had a similar experience in Bavaria Germany, a place called Wertach, arrived at about 9.00p.m. not a flake in sight and woke up in the morning to about a foot of snow fall and a week of great skiing.


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