Zimbra Desktop To Launch: Full Offline Functionality

 TechCrunch reports that Zimbra will deliver a desktop client for the software suite allowing offline functionality. Expect to see the world and his wife “getting over” webside only services in the coming months. As Microsoft is moving all its stuff onto the Web I expect Google, Yahoo and friends will be marshalling their forces for an assault on the desktop. One of their invasion routes will be the IE and Firefox plugin architectures.

One thought on “Zimbra Desktop To Launch: Full Offline Functionality

  1. Saw that.

    I think the offline mode (previously mentioned about Scrybe and how they should change their focus as they had the offline stuff working 4 awhile) will be the part that plugs the biggest hole in hosted applications.

    Within a year I suspect all the players will have an offline mode. It makes SO MUCH SENSE.



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