Sunday Night Mini Rants

  • Why can’t I buy a childs ticket on DART  automated ticket machines? If I was dishonest I wouldn’t pay at all on a Sunday as the gates are open and their is nobody at the ticket office. As it is, my honesty means I have to pay an extra tax if my children are to travel with a ticket.
  • Why in 2007 can’t I register and pay for membership of the Irish Software Association online!
  • Why does the Irish Software Association have the dumbest website URL in the world (!)
  • Why will the poxy, shitty, fucked up, dire, “somebody put the poor thing out of its misery”,  visual editor in WordPress not leave my hand coded HTML alone.
  • Why does Dell insist on shipping VISTA ready PCs with 512MB of  memory when Vista scarfs up a whooping 600MB of physical memory (Vista Home Basic mind you) just to give you an explorer window?
  • Why in 2007 does Microsoft Word still bale out when writing something as simple as a one page letter?

Arrrghh, kill ’em all and let god sort them out!

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