Barcamp Dublin Brain Dump

Well Barcamp Dublin seemed to go well to my eye, the only fly in the ointment being practically non-existent WIFI. We had about 90 attendees in total and 20 or so speakers. Based on Barcamp Dublin and previous Barcamps you seem to get around two thirds of the registered numbers turning up.

Things that came up in this Barcamp:

  • Make sure the geography of the building is clear to all attendees, loads of people asked me where the main auditorium was, even though I thought it was obvious.
  • Name and label the talking areas and put plenty of signs up for people
  • Make sure the speakers have plenty of water available
  • I brought a big bag of random stationary to the event (postits, markers, sticky tape, spraymount (invaluable!), pens, elastic bands) etc. that proved useful
  • Make sure the speakers clearly label their talk, No acronyms or contractions. I think it would be sensible for speakers to add their mobile numbers so they can be notified of schedule changes in the future
  • Having tea and coffee available all day would be something I would aim for at the next Barcamp
  • Both Barcamp Cork and Barcamp Dublin had the main networking and congregation area backing on to one of the talking areas. Ideally this should be seperated from the talking area so the networking can occur in parallel with talks
  • Good WIFI is hard to achieve but Evert Bopp has offered to help here.
  • Sean Foley of Microsoft (Clare Dillon‘s boss) has offered to help with videoing future Barcamps.
  • You need at least two full timers on the day, one to man the entrance desk (Elly Parker did trojan work in this area) and the other to generally police the event, making sure the schedule board gets filled properly, speakers are ready on time and people can find their way around.

I would like to make one proposal rather than having a seperate blog for each Barcamp (we had BarcampDublin and I see Barcamp Galway is live) why not create one Barcamp blog ( that all Barcamps can use. Then there is only feed to subscribe to and each Barcamp can leverage the expertise and community of the others?

Finally, Big shout out to Elly, Eoghan and Paul for helping put it all together.

7 thoughts on “Barcamp Dublin Brain Dump

  1. Hi Joe

    Many many thanks for organising yesterday. I agree that a website for Irish BarCamps is a good idea. The first one was – I’ve deliberately put this link in the text because it struck me at the time that it it is the perfect url hierarchy to which to add a further field for each successive venue (eg /cork, /southeast, /dublin, /galway, /cork2 etc). What do you think?


  2. Thanks for the mention.
    The offer was made in the run-up to the Blog-awards and still stands.
    Similar events looking for dependable wifi can contact me….


    P.S. Please correct the spelling of name, its “EVERT”.


  3. Joe,

    It’s an ancient recipy handed down through several generations…
    Naah, it’s just a question of having worked with the technology for long enough and knowing what will work and what won’t…



  4. Joe,

    I’d add ‘make sure you have a good venue to the list’. I thought the Guinness hopstore was excellent in terms of location, facilities , rooms and having catering available.

    It makes your ‘things to do better list’ a lot shorter 🙂 And I was impressed at the amount of random stationary that you brought along – things that I never knew existed that we ended up using on the day !!



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