George Hook pings

I did a piece on George Hook’s Radio show (podcast) today on Barcamp that turned into a full blown pitch for It turns out George needs to organise his digital life just like everyone else and wants to beta test the software on air when it goes into beta next month.

I didn’t completely screw up thanks to some excellent pointers from Sarah before hand. Still, a bit freaky sitting before the man so to speak.

6 thoughts on “George Hook pings

  1. Joe, you didn’t screw up at all: George gave you a huge chance to plug PutPlace and you took it! Kudos to you for surviving George’s obsession with his supercalifragilisticexpialidocious contest. He didn’t seem too interested by BarCamp anyway.


  2. You didn’t need the pointers at all Joe. Great radio voice and George does not do a run of the mill corporate interview – so takes some flexibility to survive – never mind excel as you did. Trick now will be to get back to him with his photos sorted the week after you launch so listeners can respond straight away by downloading the product 🙂


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