Review of Loudervoice


Review of Loudervoice

Rated as 4/5 on May 03 2007 by Joe Drumgoole

Just registered with Nice slick simple registration. Automatically recognised my blog and allowed me to enter login details. Minutes later here I am writing a review.

Minor niggle, the rest of world allows spaces as a tag separator. Why be different?

No help or help files required. Well done Conor, I like it!

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One thought on “Review of Loudervoice

  1. Glad you like it Joe!

    We’re of the “space separated tags are an abomination” school of thought 🙂

    Actually I find it’s about 50:50 out there. and Flickr are the main “space” guys but I use things like Ultimate Tag Warrior and Ma.gnolia which use commas.


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