We are in private beta

Well we did it. This morning I sent out the first batch of private beta invitations for PutPlace. We expect to roll out invitations each Monday for the next few weeks and hopefully we should have sent out an invitation to everybody who registered to date within the next month or so.Big shout out to John, Darren and Gearoid for their trojan efforts in getting the beta to this point over the last month or so.  Also thanks to our valiant first run testers, Matt, Ivan and Sean.

This first version does backup (Windows only, Mac to follow shortly) as we reckon getting your stuff safe is a priority for most people. We have most of the heavy lifting done to allow publishing to places like Flickr and YouTube as we expect that to emerge in the next month or so.

Please register for the beta if you haven’t done so already…

Joe Drumgoole


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