I wan to buy a server but Dell won't let me

Dell the online is currently looping on this page for all queries regarding their servers. I didn’t bother to check anywhere else.


Quick where can I short Dell shares?
(Update : Still down this morning!)

I just rang Dell and of course their sales line is oblivious to the problem. They then connected me to the technical help desk where an automated attendant wanted a service tag before proceeding.

This is a business that is predicated on Web Sales? Oy Vay!

8 thoughts on “I wan to buy a server but Dell won't let me

  1. Dear Dell Customer,

    I read your post and am sorry to hear about the issues you have had with Dell online ordering and our sales department. If you are still having issues, please email me directly at the email address below. I am happy to help anyway I can.

    Thank you,

    Dell Customer Advocate
    Email: Customer_Advocate@dell.com
    Attn: Debbie


  2. Just on another Dell issue, I have a Dell printer 964, since my original ink cartridges ran out I have had them filled by Cartridge World. 1st, 2nd, 3rd time no problem.

    Last week I got a message stating ‘unsupported cartridge – no can print’. The interface/prompts looked as if it had been changed. Have those pesky folk in Dell looked into my machine and twigged it.

    To a non-techy can you explain how they did this and do the T&Cs specify this?



  3. Dear Mr. Rutledge,

    I apologize but Dell does not support ink cartridge refills. Did Dell have access to your system or printer just before you attempted to refill your cartridge this last time? I’m not sure how Dell would have done something to make it not work. You can email me directly if you still have questions. My email address is customer_advocate@dell.com.

    Thank you,

    Dell Customer Advocate
    Email: Customer_Advocate@Dell.Com
    Attn: Debbie


  4. Mark I am having the same issue with my refilled Dell cartridges did you ever find a workaround?  As far as Dell’s policy "Dell does not support ink cartridge refills"…I wonder why? $$$$  I think it’s a slimy policy and reminiscent of microsoft tactics. 


  5. Hi Mark,
    I’m trying to locate a previous bosss of mine, called: Mark Rutledge.

    You would’nt happen to be him?

    ie. from Ireland and a background in Supply Chain ?

    many thanks in advance.

    michael R.


  6. If you are in the EU, the question of Dell stopping the refilling or remanufacturing of cartridges (by install a smart chip into the cartridge), is I read an illegal act under EU since 2003.
    I have brought this to the senior Dell management by email and telephone and an an internal enquiry within Dell “to get at the facts” was said to have been instigated. Result?? Nothing??
    Dell seem totally unrepentant as did micro soft untill the were fined some huge amount..lets hope Dell start to obey the law as regards consumer rights very soon.
    I told them I wouldn’t rest until I brought his matter before the relevent EU committee, which I have done through my EU representative.. and I now await events..Yawn!


  7. I get my Dell cartridges refilled all the time. I’m in the US, though i wouldn’t think that would matter.


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