Open Coffee in Dublin

I was out for pints last night with Mark Taylor who is Eircom’s new Web 2.0 Evangelist (who knew?). He was asking about events for Web 2.0 geeks in Dublin which got me thinking about Open Coffee.

Anybody on for an Open Coffee event in Dublin? Any suggested venues?

 As my commenters have pointed out Open Coffee is alive and kicking in Dublin  at the Morrison Hotel.  I just missed one today. Serves me right for not googling it first.

Anyway the next one is two weeks away and I’ve just added it to my calendar. Hope to see you there. 

9 thoughts on “Open Coffee in Dublin

  1. Mad how this slips under the net … The two other co-working guys would have shown up today – they just didn’t even know the event was on.

    I think that Open Coffee Dublin’s going to be taking shape soon though, as the word of its presence filters through.


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