IEDR – Only we can prevent the Internet

The IEDR continues to convince itself and nobody else of its value with its latest hint that it will “allow personal names”. The people who run IEDR continue to delude themselves that they are running a valuable service by tripling the price of .ie domain registration (compared to domains like .be and .dk)  along with the imposition of punitive controls over the allocation of elements of the namespace.

Do they not realise that nobody outside a tiny clique of geeks has any comprehension of the value they add. The idea that the man in the street (whether its O’Connell St or Wall St) is going to suddenly trust a domain because it has a .ie domain is utterly staggering in its naivety.

As for squatting, their efforts to prevent it have intrinsically limited the applicability of the .ie domain. Why would you bother registering when the expense and effort together make the overall transaction to high.

My advice, fire everybody at the IEDR, license the rights to for 12 months and keep and eye out just in case the Internet stops spinning on its access. If the Internet hasn’t collapsed in 12 months pat yourself on the back and go register <myname>.ie.

2 thoughts on “IEDR – Only we can prevent the Internet

  1. Agree 100%.

    I’m still not sure why I registered – total waste of money. Have it pointing to a plesk page cos I couldn’t even be arsed configuring it.


  2. Their personal-name scheme is feckin useless. – what the fuck ?
    so I can register but not ? (even though is available) . And they need my passport for this ?
    fecking retards.
    I think I’ll stick with (If I ever get the time to update that site).


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