London Baby!

Did London this weekend en famille including the Star Wars Exhibition, the London Eye, the Lion King Musical, and of course the Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum.

The Star Wars Exhibition was held at County Hall, the erstwhile seat of local government in London. It was quite surreal for somebody who remembers Maggie Thatcher evicting Ken Livingstone from County Hall to sit in the still intact council chamber while a group of youngsters enjoyed Jedi Training.

The London Eye, keeps Maggies flame alive though with a good capitalist helping of “pay double” to skip the enormous queues. Still great views all the same.

For a man who hates musicals I have to say the Lion King Musical at the Lyceum was stunning and reminded me strongly of several of Macnas outings in recent years, with its stunning visuals and use of the whole theatre as a platform.

My kids love dinosaurs (do you have kids who don’t love dinosaurs? call 1-800-dinosaur-help) so the Natural History Museum is always a winner.

The short story, London is a great place to bring kids, good weather or bad. There were a thousand other things we had to pass on this time.

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