Top Ten Reasons for Drivers not using their indicators

  1. I’m performing an illegal manoeuvre and the Garda might notice
  2. I’m only changing lanes
  3. I’ve passed my test
  4. I’m on my second provisional license
  5. I’ve stolen this car
  6. I’m driving a white van/taxi/mercedes/BMW
  7. It should be obvious from my road position what I’m planning to do
  8. I’m running this red light (see reason 1)
  9. Using my indicators runs down the battery
  10. I used my indicators yesterday

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons for Drivers not using their indicators

  1. My favourite is from a guy who works with me – “You only have to indicate if someone is behind you”.


  2. Lol all very good “reasons” Judging by what I have seen, I just assumed that some people thought they came as options on a vehicle. Perhaps they think it is for aesthetic puropses only and they turn them on over christmas. 😐 Wow, I can not believe all the blogs on Drivers that there are. I didn’t realize how many until I had posted my own blog and tried to find it. lol


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