Tom Murphy makes me say nice things about Vista

Tom Murphy spent most of lunchtime regaling me about how great Vista was despite my reservations. So in an effort to placate Tom (so he will continue to buy me lunch at the Microsoft Arium), here is one decent feature  I have found. The new behaviour of ALT-TAB that gives you a window scrolling through your apps is nice.

(Actually Darren our server guy here at PutPlace pointed it out to me).

So way to go Microsoft, 8 billion dollars well spent, keep it up, I wish I’d had it years ago,  I’m going to throw out my Mac…..

4 thoughts on “Tom Murphy makes me say nice things about Vista

  1. Mmmmm. Is that really the best you could do? (If you press the “Windows” key and tab, it’s even more impressive) Alt-Tab has actually been a feature in Windows around since Windows 3.1 (maybe earlier).

    The more important question is are you able to print this post?



  2. At the risk of turning this into a ‘Windows Shortcuts’ post WindowsKey+M clears the desktop. Alt+space then ‘M’ minimises the current window.

    All have been in Windows for ages. Don’t know what Microsoft has been doing for the last 5 years if this is the best they can do 🙂



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