IEDR : Robber Barons of the Internet

Ok, I did it, against all my better judgement I went an registered today. What did it cost?



You are having a laugh? Shurely, shome mishtake?

For comparision: : €28.07 €14.07 (for two years!) €14.02 : €5.60

But lets look at a comparable sized nation like Belgium. : €12.27

The only other country with a pricing policy as cracked as the IEDR seems to be Denmark, where the domains cost upwards of €40 euro.

And for what? The spurious value of having a “valid” .ie domain. Unfortunately not a single person outside of the staff at the IEDR and the poor saps like me who register domains have any clue that a .ie domain is any more “valid” or “genuine” than any other domain you might register. So the whole effort is wasted except that it fills the IEDR coffers with cash.

I would love to hear from anybody who has chosen to pay or not pay for a service based on the fact that the domain had .ie at the end of it?

Update: looks like Blacknight may be adding to the heat here,  Stephen McCarron of Hosting365 comments,

  1. Stephen McCarron Says:
    Hey Joe,

    I think you went to the wrong shop – we charge just €25.95 per year (ex VAT).


3 thoughts on “IEDR : Robber Barons of the Internet

  1. Damn Joe…. You got there just ahead of me! 😛

    Joking aside… I agree the domain pricing is high for .ie domains, but I think the high price goes some way to assist in the battle against squatting. In reality ANY domain can be registered here and this rubbish about IEDR requiring registrants to provide “additional information” is simply asking for a FAX stating that “we require this domain as we are launching a new product called xxxxx”.

    I’d personally prefer higher domain pricing to keep domains available for people who genuinely need them.

    My two cents. 🙂


  2. I don’t mind the price so much, I’ve paid higher for some Asian domains. What gets me is having to fax in stuff… I hate fax machines.


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