Science Week: What invention do you want to see in the future

(This is my second Science Week Post)

Well this was an easy one for me as I have mentioned it in the past. Landmine Detection, or more specifically a tool to detect the absence of landmines.  Absence is important because while the efforts of the miltary are devoted to finding a safe route through mine fields, the civilian population must establish that all their fields, paths, villages and workplaces are free from mines.

This device would have to be,

  • Low cost
  • Easy to manfacture locally (at all the locations where landmines exist)
  • Capable of detecting and destroy plastic mines amongst others

The ultimate goal is of course a device that makes mining (especially anti-personnel mines) obsolete by making them completely ineffective.

2 thoughts on “Science Week: What invention do you want to see in the future

  1. Dear Joe,

    Link below is one of 7 videos on the subject – you’re right about one thing: the low cost of landmines and high cost of countermeasures. And no matter how much money is spent, the foot soldier or civilian mostly slog on without hi-tech wonders.

    The method used in the clip is controversal, but I made them with the idea others might test the hypothesis. If it was one of my kids in the Iraq/Afghanistan War, I would hope and pray that any and all methods would be tested – especially low-cost cheap ones.

    Low-tech answers, whatever they may be, are probably the only chance most foot soldiers and civilians have. DoD has spent hundreds of millions on high-technology devices that have yet to see the battlefield, here 6 years after invading Afghanistan and 4 1/2 in Iraq.


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