Oh my giddy aunt – we've gone all "Industry associationy"

Paul Walsh started it and now Damien has taken his gloves off.  So we’ll be adding the Irish Web Industry Association to,

Yes, we definitely need another association.

7 thoughts on “Oh my giddy aunt – we've gone all "Industry associationy"

  1. What is needed is an association that does something besides represent the interests of a few large companies. Hopefully this one will be comprised of those that like to do something. Too many talking shops already.


  2. Exactly Damien. Take BIMA for example, it’s members is made up of brands, the biggest agencies in Europe, small agencies, freelancers and students. It underpins the entire industry with regard to creativity in the Interactive Industry. The membership fees reflect people’s ability to pay too, which is very important.

    Less rip off, less behind closed doors and more benefits.


  3. Lads, Those are not unique aspirations and it could be argued that several of the listed organisations do an excellent job of representing the “small” companies. I agree whole heartedly with you sentiments, I just wonder if another industry body is the best solution.


  4. Joe – some people will think it’s a good idea some won’t. To get the ball rolling I want to engage with all the people who think it’s a good idea, as there’s no point in debating ‘if’ it’s needed or not.


  5. If another industry group hopes to be sustainable, it needs more than the personalities of its promoters. I’ve attended working groups, funding calls, conference sessions and meet-ups run by at least six different organisations with agendas that serve knowledge workers. The magic touch would be the one that connects the existing organisations with a shared advocacy. Get that right and you’ll have many strong legs under the tent that can weather the storms of disillusionment and financial starvation. You need passion and you need some kind of sustainable revenue to achieve worthwhile credibility across industry. Or you need a Sugar Daddy with pocket money to seed calendars with compelling networking opportunities.


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