How many blogs?

Paul Walsh asked me to elaborate (on twitter) on why I only read one of his blogs ( and what he should do with his BIMA posts?

Well I keep two blogs going, PutPlace and this one. PutPlace I could do more on, but thats pretty much all about PutPlace and designed for users of PutPlace, Partners and has a pretty clear Agenda, the promotion of PutPlace as a business. Copacetic is mine and existed before PutPlace and will live on after it. If I was Paul I would want my huge blogging rep attached to a site associated with Paul Walsh rather than Segala. Someday Segala will be gone and he will have to do a pile of work to get a new brand up and  running.

For now I will continue to get my Walshie juice from Segala 😉 As for BIMA never read it, probably never will.

6 thoughts on “How many blogs?

  1. Thanks for your thoughts Joe. To add a little insight… most of the stuff I write on Segala is relevant to my BIMA audience and visa versa. Whilst I link from Segala to BIMA, I don’t link from BIMA to Segala as I feel uncomfortable about the ethics of doing so.

    I don’t mind my ‘Paul Walsh’ stuff appearing on Segala because as far as I’m concerned, it’s the same thing and it makes Segala that bit more accessible, I hope. When I sell Segala, my soul will go with it anyway 😉

    So, do I duplicate the posts on both blogs, or stop writing about social / startups / creative stuff on Segala and leave it to the BIMA blog only? I think you’ve almost answered the question because if you’re in any way interested in the rubbish I have to talk about, I’m best leaving it on Segala or you and others will leave. I don’t want that to happen!! 🙂

    Do let me know if and when I start to up my stakes!


  2. Still unsure Joe because both blogs have an overlap in audience. Unlike you, they’re interested in the other stuff I talk about on the BIMA blog – about creativity etc. Anyway, all this talk is giving me food for thought (speaking of which, I need to eat).


  3. If I could give you one piece of advice it would be this, ignore me. If you keep up all this attention you’ll have me reading the BIMA blog as well 🙂


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