Shot From the hip – 2008 Predictions

  • Facebook will fade and we will all wonder what the fuss was about (You took money from hedge fund, you dolts!)
  • Somebody new (not Microsoft, Google or Yahoo) will capture over 30% of the search market place (and it won’t be Mahalo, sorry Jason)
  • Apple will increase its market share of the PC/Media Centre market to 20% (thank you Vista)
  • Apple will release a version of iLife for the PC (Because twisting bills nuts is Steve’s favourite game)
  • The wholesale price of online virtual storage will drop below 5 euro cents a gigabyte a month (Just need one more big player alongside Amazon and Nirvanix to make it interesting)
  • Tape storage will make a big comeback (expect an Amazon style offering in this space, with an infrastructure play for all those social networks full of inactive replicants)
  • Video blogging will continue to not take off (apart from the self referencing circle jerks who will keep telling us video blogging is taking off)
  • I will be able to use my phone as a broadband connector for my PC over bluetooth (Finally, thanks for nothing Vodafone et al.)
  • Jabber, AIM and MSN will finally complete their instance messaging interoperability dance (And nobody will care)
  • Google will become a Network Operator

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