Camtasia Studio – Save yourself 50 Euro

Goto the Camtasia Store and get a quote for Camtasia studio, USD $299.00. (This is an electronic download price). Now select your country as Ireland, and get a new price in euros of  €259.50.

Now go to and get the current dollar/euro exchange rate. hey presto, the actual price in euros (if you do a straight conversion) is €201.22.

Now return and reselect your country as the US and let your credit card do the exchange instead. Even with VISA’s crappy rates you still save money on the Camtasia rip off.

2 thoughts on “Camtasia Studio – Save yourself 50 Euro

  1. The worst one has to be the CRM software vendors. Irish company quoted us something like 2k for the same software that we could have bought direct from the US for about 500!!

    And don’t even get me started on Apple….


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