Breast Cancer Care in Ireland Gets a Voice launched this week to give a lobbying voice to women in Ireland who are at risk from breast cancer.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our first campaign: Better Access to Breast Health Care. With diagnostic services in hospitals being suspended and discussions of four month waiting lists for breast ultrasounds in the Oireachtas, it’s time to let our politicians know that we, as women voters, demand better access to breast health care, now.

The site design is excellent and a lobby organisation in this area couldn’t be more timely.

4 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Care in Ireland Gets a Voice

  1. Why are all public health issues all about WIMMIN’S health? Is this part of the male hegemony conspiracy hatched by the sisters in womens studies in UCD. Not withstanding the events in the midlands, no system is perfect and mistakes will happen even if triple locking becomes the standard.

    At least, the majority of the female population are beneficiaries of Breastcheck. When will there be an equivalent for prostate or testicular cancer or should we set up a to get us on an equal footing with our sisters.


  2. You buy the domain, Joe, I’ll slap the moron upside the head.

    “At least, the majority of the female population are beneficiaries of Breastcheck.”

    Well sure, if by “female population” you mean “female population of Leinster”, and by ‘majority’ you mean “only if you’re between 50 and 64”.

    Ignorant schmuck.


  3. John,

    I thinks it worth recognizing that there are no irish screening programs for men for either prostate or testicular cancer that are anywhere near equivalent to BreastCheck.



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