Danah Boyd On The Absurdities of Davos

Danah provides a refreshingly down to earth account of her experience at Davos, The World Economic Forum. One section of her writeup is very relevant to all us budding entrepreneurs,

Another thing about Davos was that it became painfully clear that most business people are unaware of their role in the system. The conversations of the conference were heavily focused on environmentalism, inequality, terrorism, and doing good to solve the world’s problems. What I found was that many powerful people desperately want to help solve these problems but they seem unaware of their role in perpetuating some of the ills. It was weird… I couldn’t tell if such folks were clueless or delusional. I still need to chew on this a bit more. But it was fascinating to see that most businesspeople at Davos genuinely believed that they could help the world.

That’s us, BTW.

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