Entrepreneur's Live at NovaUCD

I did a talk today at NovaUCD, the UCD Innovation centre. It was an overview of the PutPlace journey with some of my personal tech history. I’ve worked for all the following companies.

  • Generics Software Ireland (Startup based on Ada Language Technology)
  • Digital Equipment Corporation (Ultrix Engineering)
  • SilverPlatter (Electronic Publishing, reference Databases)
  • Nomura Research Institute (Investment Banking, Middle Office Development)
  • CR2 (Internet Banking)
  • Cape Clear (Web Services, Service Oriented Architecture)
  • LeCayla (many ideas, Conor ran with the best after I retired from the business)
  • Oracle (OnDemand Engineering)
  • PutPlace (Secure, Organise, Share etc.)

I then gave a short and sweet presentation on the highlights and lowlights of PutPlace to date including a flyby on the Paddy’s Valley Experience.

I’ve uploaded the slides to SlideShare. Happy to answer questions.

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