PutPlace – Looking for Mac Developer

Candidate Requirements:

PutPlace is looking for a developer to build a Mac version of its existing Windows client software. The ideal candidate will have demonstrable experience of building whole applications on Panther, Tiger and Leopard. Ideally with Objective-C using the Cocoa framework. Knowledge of Python, Django, SQLite and PostGres will get you bonus points.

We are not looking for ten years experience but we are looking for enthusiasm. The candidate must be smart and be able to get things done (http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/GuerrillaInterviewing3.html).

Working Location:

PutPlace is based in Dublin, but we realise that the world’s Mac programmers don’t live in Ireland. So while we are happy to pay for you to relocate to Dublin, we are also happy for you to work from your current location. However that location must be within two timezones of Dublin.

Our working model is based on the scrum development model and everything is hosted, so working remotely is not as difficult as it might sound.


We pay market rates and above for the right people. We offer stock options and a health plan. We also give you the ability to build someting from scratch that will make real world users happy.

About PutPlace:

PutPlace is an online service that helps home users manage long term storage of their digital content. We are all accumulating digital stuff at a tremendous rate. Scientific American reckons we will have over a terabyte of data stored in our homes by 2010. That’s ten times what is stored on an average PC today. What’s more, we will create over a terabyte of data every year after that.

PutPlace provides you with an online backup service that backups up all your digital content, across all the devices in the home and recognises the fact that these devices are related to each other.

PutPlace then recreates the relationships between the content in your home, the stuff in your backup and anything you have shared or published on the web. If you ever want to find a file again, where it came from and where it went to is as important as what’s inside it. Every digital copy came from somewhere originally and PutPlace finds that original and links all the copies back to it ,so that you can track every piece of content you own over its complete digital lifetime.

PutPlace is Digital Memory for your Digital Lifetime.

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