Paddy's Valley goes on Tour to London

I was chatting to Eoghan McCabe this morning at Open Coffee Dublin and we sowed the seeds of an idea, a Paddy’s Valley Trip to London primarily to attend a London Open Coffee event but also to meet business partners, VCs etc. the usual suspects in other words.

All are invited. More detailed plans will follow. I already have Anton recruiting in Limerick.

Who knows, we might make a night of it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Proposed date 24 April 2008.

24-April clashes with Web 2.0 Expo. Im suggesting a new date, 8th May 2008.

10 thoughts on “Paddy's Valley goes on Tour to London

  1. Conor O’Neill, David Copithorne and myself headed over for an Open Coffee in London in May of last year. With the heathrow express you can be in Regent street for 9:45am. It’s quicker getting to the center of London than it is to get to the center of Dublin.


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