Bullying – A parable I heard today

A bully in a playground approaches three kids. He hits the first child, who does nothing. He then hits the second child who runs away crying. He then hits the third child who hits him back.

Question : Which child won’t get hit tomorrow?

6 thoughts on “Bullying – A parable I heard today

  1. The kid who hit back. Because he’ll be suspended for antisocial behaviour. At least in today’s primary education system.

    The other two are toast.

    (parable schmarable!)


  2. The kid who ran away will just keep running, the kid who hit back wont get hit. The kid that cried will probably not go outside for the next few days and the bully will probably leave it a few days before going back to hitting someone again.

    So jo what rucking point does that prove?


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