Customer Testimonial – Blacknight has been a Blacknight customer until very recently. We moved because it made more sense for us to place our hosting in EC2 (close to our S3 storage)  rather than at a remote location (bandwidth costs between an EC2 host and S3 bucket are $0) .

I can’t remember how long we hosted with Blacknight becuase their were no events to mark the passage of time. No outages, no notices of compromised credit cards, no issues whatsoever, just plain sailng all the way, solid, dependable and stable.

I still use blacknight for all my personal stuff (like this blog) and Michele continues to go beyond the call of duty in donating domains to worthy causes for free.

There are lots of good hosting providers out there but I will continue to recommend blacknight for anyone looking for an Irish based hosting solution.

Well done to all the crew at Blacknight.

4 thoughts on “Customer Testimonial – Blacknight

  1. Joe,

    Why would you go somewhere that has no official support method like a phone #? Seems pretty silly to trust something like that with your data. Why not continue just to use s3 as your storage mechanism and keep your blacknight hosting?



  2. Hi Ross,

    PutPlace offers a range of services to our customers that require us to be able to access and process their data in a variety of ways. Reading and Writing data from an EC2 node to S3 storage is a) free and b) very fast. If I was accessing it from blacknight I would have to pay for every GB I read and wrote.

    Also in two years of use we have never had an incident that necessitated making a phone call to them. Their online support is excellent BTW.



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