Feed has been screwed since upgrade

My WordPress upgrade 2.5.1 changed the default feed URL (nice move guys, great way to screw your user base), so anybody subscribed to my feed for the last month and a half won’t have seen a thing.

Fixed now so hopefully you should get a big splurge of stuff. All comments gratefully accepted.

5 thoughts on “Feed has been screwed since upgrade

  1. Hi Donncha,

    I use feedburner and the feed was using the old feed for wordpress prior to 2.5.1. When I upgraded that feed went away and feedburner stopped delivering items. Its a double bug, a) WordPress shouldn’t have scrapped the old field without clearly flagging it (and I don’t mean putting it in the release notes) b) Feedburner should email you when it can access a feed.



  2. Wow, and I just thought to myself:

    1. Everything must be great as he has nothing to whinge about anymore
    2. He’s just given up on all this interweb business, and gone back to banking software


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