The Tuesday Push – 1Time Time Tracking

If you need to track timesheets (and plenty of us do for grants, EI administration, InterTrade Ireland projects etc. etc.) then you could do a lot worse than run out and buy a cracking web based time tracking tool from 1time.

It also provides a perfect tool for sole traders or consultants who need to keep track of their own time or client time. For a single person the software is free for one project. After than prices rise fairly modestly. Trust me, you won’t sweat the costs on this one.

I’ve used it and it does what it says on the tin, helps you keep track of your time. It has good email reminders for people like me who are forever forgetting to fill in their EI paperwork and it can track non work costs if you are especially conscientious about that sort of thing.

So go on, sign up and track your time, the founder Derek Organ is very responsive to end users so make sure to send him in you feedback to support (at) He blogs about the product at

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