The Tuesday Push – eWrite Lite

eWrite Lite is a lightweight online editor that allows novice users to create simple web pages online and publish them to their website. It comes with added value as the creator Gordon Murray is one of the great and good from the Peoples Republic of Cork so you will get timely support if you have a problem.

I liked what I saw of eWrite Lite but I would suggest that Gordon make it free to use for up to 3 pages and then hit people with the price tag. Also 200 clams for an online editor seems a little steep, a lower price point might convert more users earlier in customers.

Still great to see people trying to do something in this space in Ireland.

4 thoughts on “The Tuesday Push – eWrite Lite

  1. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the Tuesday Push. A few people are telling me the price tag is steep, even more are telling me its not enough! For 200 they get the CMS added to their site with no limits other than their own web space.


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