Track Pump kills my wheel

Track Pump
Track Pump

So this is my track pump. A sound investment that eliminates hours of painful handing pumping each year. Four or five depressions of the top handle will get most tyres up to 60 PSI.

So I had to get a replacement inner tube this weekend. I didn’t quite know the size so the guy in the shop gave me the best fit he could from a rim measurement but not much else. It was a pretty tight fit to get the tube over the rim (Hmmm should have paid attention to that) but  I’ve had this before with new inner tubes before. I had got new tyres the week before so I thought, new tyres, new tubes, lets take it up to 80 PSI. I normally inflate to 75 PSI but the tyres and tubes were rated to 100 PSI.

Well we got to around 70 PSI pretty fast and everything was hunky dory. I squeezed the tyre and it didn’t seem particularily drum tight. So I hit the pump are a few more times and KABOOM!

When my ear drums recovered I was looking at this,

Exploded Rim
Exploded Rim

Well the inner tube was shredded by a rip about a foot long and that long white bendy piece in the picture, well thats the rim of the wheel.

Lets just say, I’m gonna be a bit more respectful of the power of the track pump in future.

2 thoughts on “Track Pump kills my wheel

  1. Joe, Those track pumps are designed for racing (road racing) bikes with a tyre pressure of 120PSI (sometimes a bit more, trust me, I’m a fat cyclist).

    The kaboom-ie nature of your incident is sort of unexpected.

    Remember, when in doubt, bring the wheel (or at least the matching one)


  2. Yip. Similar experience although the explosion happened as I was cycling down a busy street at full pelt. Only realised it was me when I felt the crunch and grind in the back wheel


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