Amazon Web Services: The PutPlace Way

PutPlace is an avid user of Amazon web services applications. Yesterday, in London, we got an opportunity to talk about how we use Amazon here at PutPlace.

Key takeaways for me from listening to the other speakers were,

  • Using Amazon doesn’t insulate you from failures
  • Lots of people using S3 and EC2, not so many on SimpleDB and SQS
  • The per-transaction fees can really start to hurt if you start to get traction
  • SimpleDB is a cool place to store your grid topology dynamically especially if you use another provider alongside Amazon
  • EC2 nodes come up really quickly compared to other grid providers
  • Lots of people use Nagios with EC2 for monitoring

The Amazon guys (Simone and Adam with a later appearance by Werner) gave strong hints that we would see all the following features in 2009,

  • EC2 hosting in Europe
  • An Amazon supported Content Distribution Network
  • Integrated Load balancing and Monitoring

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