Survey to improve Enterprise Ireland Web site

This was posted as a comment to a previous post on the subject of the EI web site.

New comment on your post #710 “Ten Ways to Improve the Enterprise Ireland Web Site”
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Please help Enterprise Ireland improve their Websites
Enterprise Ireland are carrying out a major review of all their websites.  Please help them improve by taking this short 5-minute survey.   Your feedback will have a direct impact on how Enterprise Ireland should improve their online web service for You.
Engage by clicking on the link below (Survey Monkey)

Its a pretty short survey, but the first question is a stinker. As my final comment on the survey I asked this question,

How come EI is still using SurveyMonkey for surveys when we have an excellent indigenous product in the shape of PollDaddy?

One thought on “Survey to improve Enterprise Ireland Web site

  1. Hi Joe. We’ve used SurveyMonkey for surveys in Dublin City Council over the past while. I wasn’t aware that PollDaddy were offering a survey option so we’ll look to use that in future instead. Thanks for the heads up.


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