Some Corrections on Ireland 2.0

Just wanted to clear up some Misquotes in today’s Silicon Republic Article “Ireland 2.0“.

  • I didn’t found Generics Software, that was the first Irish Startup I worked for after leaving College. Generics was founded by Han Jurgens Kugler and Michaeal Mac An Airchinnigh
  • I think Ireland should focus on creating companies with exit valuations in the 10m range not sales in the 10m range

Otherwise a great article.

3 thoughts on “Some Corrections on Ireland 2.0

  1. hey Joe
    I had been checking and there was NOTHING…. (in fact you’ve been lazy with you blog)..BUT..then there was the “cascades” it ALMOST counted but not really,it’s ok though, I’ve enjoyed the last two aswell.
    Have no idea why you’ve got to tell people you didn’t start Generics,obviously I didn’t read that bit, but well done for sorting it out straight away…perhaps you’d be better in politics, we need people who tell the truth ALL THE TIME!


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