Bus Crash at the Five Lamps in Dublin

A bus hit a tree this morning just past the Five Lamps. Looks like it clipped a tree (notice the damage on the tree just where the branches start to fan out) and it stripped the roof off. Don’t know if there were any injuries.

News report from RTE.

Another picture on pix.ie.

13 thoughts on “Bus Crash at the Five Lamps in Dublin

  1. It wouldn’t need to be going that fast. The vertical slats that support the roof have no shear strengh and would snap easily. Remember the bus has huge inertia when it is moving. Notice that it only hit the left hand side of the bus, but the whole roof came off.


  2. He must have been going reasonably fast. I’ve been in a bus that hit a tree like that. The front upstairs window was smashed, the pillars were bent a bit. The roof was most certainly *not* taken off (I was sitting upstairs in the middle, so I would have noticed!).


  3. From other photos it looks like s/he was driving in the cycle lane a good bit before needing to pull in to the bus stop (which is just in front of the bus).



  4. I don’t understand this – having looked at all the pics I am asking – a)do no other double deck buses ever go along here? b) if so how is it they haven’t lost their roofs? c) it looks like the tree sliced across the whole top, how far did the branch stick out? d) I don’t see the branch on any of the pics, how big was it?


    Bye, Barry


  5. So, the bottom of the branch caused all that damage? Interesting, it would appear that a ‘good belt’ on the top corner of the roof (that’s about where it hit the bus) causes it to lift off???? Great!!
    OTOH, maybe it is designed to do that, seriously, if it comes off clean like it appears to would it have hit anybody upstairs??


  6. I think you have it Barry… We discussed this in work last week (a bit of a Friday afternoon chat relieves the “waiting for the weekend” feel) and after looking at the pics one of my work colleagues took at the scene, the consensus was that the posts on the top level seem to shear on impact to allow the top t slide off without crumpling and crushing anyone…

    Anyone know if there’s an official Dublin Bus announcement about this incident anywhere? I’m curious…


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