Woodstock Cafe – The Best Fried Breakfast in Dublin?

Like most Irish people with a pulse my metabolism demands at least one intake of fried pig each week. As a result I eat a fair few fried breakfasts around town. Quality varies enormously and I don’t really have a consistent location I could recommend in the city centre, but recently I have been dropping in on the Woodstock Cafe in Phibsboro.

I cycled past it for years without paying it too much attention until my friend Keith Peters mentioned 6 months ago that it did a cracking breakfast. Since then I’ve never looked back.

Food quality is outstanding with tasty premium sausages, lean thick sliced bacon and the key addition that lifts a fried breakfast, fried potatoes, yum! They also cook eggs to order and offer mushrooms, black pudding, tomatoes and beans (Heinz!) on the side. Hot plates mean the food arrives hot at your table even if you have to queue (which is often, this place gets busy).

What really takes Woodstock to a different place is the friendly and efficient service. Nobody likes to queue for long in the morning and in Woodstock no one has too.

Check it out next time you are in the area, breakfast finishes at 12.00pm.

 Others seem to agree.

15 thoughts on “Woodstock Cafe – The Best Fried Breakfast in Dublin?

  1. I don’t know. The very fact that the food sits in steel containers is pretty discouraging. Why can’t they prepare each meal as it’s ordered, like a real diner?


  2. They aren’t canned. BTW those are not the tins the stuff came in. Thats a bain marie, underneath the tins is a pool of simmering water that keeps the food hot. The food is cooked behind short order style and put in the tins until served.


  3. I understand the model (though I didn’t know that was the term for it). Those mushrooms look like they came out of a can to me. Maybe they’re just very well cooked?

    And, regarding the volume question, how many breakfasts is this place serving in a day? Are they really out-selling a typical diner by that much?


  4. Joe
    Just wanted to take this opportunity to say a belated thank you for your positive and detailed review of your breakfast experiences at Woodstock, it’s always nice to have good reports back from the customers!
    I can confirm that the controversial mushrooms are fresh, quartered and sauteed (and we only use free range eggs and Irish chicken – not processed! – bacon and beef in our cooking).
    We are very grateful that the Woodstock is so busy and we work hard on trying to keep our hard working customers happy and well fed.
    We have a new website http://www.woodstockcafe.ie and I working on getting the menus online.
    All the best


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