Top Tips For Configuring your NetBook

So you’ve bought a new NetBook (as millions of people have, its the most popular new kind of computer to buy), but it has two problems, the screen is too small and the processor is a bit sluggish. So a few simple steps can address some of these issues fairly quickly. All that follows presumes you are running Windows XP.

  • Change the Performance Settings on Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Settings to “Adjust for Best Performance” (stops visual cruft slowing you down)
  • Change the taskbar to autohide by selecting “Auto-hide the taskbar” on Control Panel -> Task Bar and Start Menu -> Taskbar (gives you more display real estate)
  • Now reset the fonts and border sizes on Control Panel -> Display Properties -> Appearance Advanced.  Set the Active Title Bar size to 16,  Active Window Border to 0, Captions Buttons size to 14,  Icon size to 24, Inactive Title Bar size to 15, Inactive Window Border Size to 0,  Menu Size to 15, Palette Title size to 15, Scrollbar size to 10 and  Selected Items to 15. This will scrunch all your Window’s decoration and widgets while still leaving them legible.
  • Turn off all those manky little apps on the right hand side of the tasbar at the bottom of the screen
  • Keep you disk drive at least 20% empty (Windows needs this amount of head room)
  • Make sure to empty your recycle bin regularily

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