Moore Hall – A Little piece of heaven in Mayo

It definitely helped to have the sunniest day of the year to date, but Moore Hall is stunning enough to transcend the worst Irish weather.

It is surrounded by amazing old forest land (now managed by Coillte, the Irish Forestry agency)

Lough Carra is adjacent and you can rent boats or go for a paddle (just like we did today).,-9.224997&spn=0.011024,0.034761&msid=103490092289195700476.000467dc20fbeb11b93b8&iwloc=000467dc25607c22756b7&output=embed
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One thought on “Moore Hall – A Little piece of heaven in Mayo

  1. Great program on TV3 where Irish speaking photographer brings guest on photo shoot to learn the craft. ex-rose-of-tralee who excelled as celeb-banestoir went here. She was magical as was Moore Hall.
    Great program but name escapes me.


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