GeekNRolla – One Line Takeways from Each Speaker

Inma Martinez Stradbroke Advisors : Umm, move your startup to the US?

Andy McLoughlin, CEO Huddle: The people you start with may not be the people who you finish with.

Joe Drumgoole, CTO and Founder Watch the per transaction costs in cloud computing.

Joe Stepniewski, co-founder Skimlinks: With advertising plays, go direct to sponsors rather than through CPM/CPC vendors

Jof Arnold Lots of people have got rich on AppStore but you probably aren’t going to be one of them

Leisa Reichelt, User experience Disambiguity: Create a persona for your users, they are not the general public

William ReeveĀ  Angel Investor We created 4.2m in free cash by proper management of payment schedule for creditors and debtors

Lesley Eccles Co-founder Hubdub: If you are launching in the US, launch in the US and ignore the UK/European market

Ian Hogarth, Co-founder, CEO here is a wiki full of tools for startups

Nick Halstead CEO Favorit: Avoid agencies and helpers and make direct contact with potential angel investors

Reshma Sohoni Seedcamp: Advertising as a business model is dead

Fred Destin Atlas Venture: VC’s are people too

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