Cloud Computing – Soup To Nuts

Did this presentation out at the IADT today.  Apart from one person say “I don’t understand anything you said” I think it went ok.

Still some work to do but its getting there. You can see the theme developing on my back catalog on

3 thoughts on “Cloud Computing – Soup To Nuts

  1. Hi Joe,
    Nice summary, I could understand most of it without having the benefit of hearing the explanations.
    Do you know of any cloud service which provides real CPUs if requested as opposed to just virtualized ones?


    1. Cronan,

      None of the cloud vendors do, but pretty much every hosting provider will cut you a deal for dedicated servers. Check out either or in Ireland or UnitedLayer in the US.



  2. By definition, a physical CPU wouldn’t imply a cloud 🙂

    We provide ‘dedicated’ cpus and cpu cores (as well as ram and storage) on our platform, as well of course as traditional dedicated infrastructure.


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