If You are Catholic and you care – show it

So you are Catholic and you care that your religious organisations in this country perpetrated the most heinous crimes on the children of this country.

Then show it by withholding your contributions where it counts, in the collection basket.  CORI saved itself over half a billion euros in that shameful deal that Michael Woods brokered all those years ago, so they have plenty to survive on for the next few years.

Instead drop that money in a charity that will do some good, preferably one without religious links.

(thanks to my wife Ann for this idea)

3 thoughts on “If You are Catholic and you care – show it

  1. And for those who don’t get it, the collection box should be taxed from now on. No more charity status for those who protect child rapists. And no tax relief for those who donate to them.


  2. I came back to ireland 3 years ago with my austrian wife from dubai. I always knew that this ( was?) an insular society.
    But vile, cowardly, morally corrupt, docile and compliant as well?
    I am profoundly shocked. What a shameful rain soaked shit hole.


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