Amazon Web Services – Free for Educational Use

This is pretty good news for anybody in Third Level who wants to stretch their budgets. Amazon is now offering grants to enable free use of their Cloud Infrastructure.

When I entered college in 1978, the state of the art in campus computing consisted of a room full of IBM 029 Key Punch machines, an IBM 370 Model 168 mainframe, and job queues where my card deck would wait for hours in order to get a few seconds of precious CPU time. Today’s kids have it a lot easier, first with desktop PCs and now with cloud computing providing them access to as many CPU cycles and as much RAM as they need for their class projects and research.

Our new AWS in Education program is designed to allow the academic community to take advantage of the Amazon Web Services for teaching and for research. Educators, academic researchers, students, and student entrepreneurs from all over the world can apply for free AWS usage credits in the form of teaching grants, research grants, and project grants. Read on to learn more about what we’ve put together.

More importantly the small print says Amazon offers :

Solutions for university administrators looking to use cloud computing to be more efficient and cost-effective in the university’s IT Infrastructure

Jeff Barr  confirmed to me by email today that these grants are available to Irish Institutions.

Go apply.

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