Bizcamp Dublin – 19th September 2009

 Bizcamp Dublin is hotting up and already has 129 attendees registered.

Speakers list below.

  • Ger Hartnett, Simple planning for startups.
  • Ciara Conlon,The importance of increasing personal productivity levels to help companies leverage their best assest and gain the competitive edge
  • Joe Drumgoole, Startups in Ireland. Where Do we go from Here?
  • Donagh Kiernan, Sales-side Corporate Partnerships, Strategic Alliances, Partnering into Markets, Establishing a Partner Programme
  • Una Coleman, Internationalisation of businesses – entering new markets
  • Johnny Beirne, Social capital is imperative
  • Caelen King, Online business models. I will looks at the value proposition of various online application and how these map into business models and how these revenue models can be adapted to maximise revenue. This will include Advertising (PPC, PPA, Affiliate), various subscription models, licensing and white labelling.
  • Alan O’Rourke, From Email to Sales: Conversion in Email Marketing
  • Claire Boyles, Twitter as a marketing tool
  • Thomas Pedoussaut, HubDublin, a project aimed to build a agile working space for entrepreneurs and long distance telecommuters
  • Michael FitzGerald, Practical efficiencies and productivity for the Small Business Startup
  • Adrian Avendano, Creating value using the left and right brain.
  • Anton Mannering, There’s No Such Thing as a Social Network
  • Amanda Webb, Facebook for business
  • Eoin Kennedy, Traditional PR meets online
  • Conor Lynch, Digital & social media marketing including community marketing featuring recent Irish case studies with top brands

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