CloudSplit – Real Time Cloud Analytics


Myself and Eamon Leonard (with the gang from EchoLibre) have been cooking up a startup to capitalise on the huge growth in demand for Cloud Computing.

Our guess is that understanding the cost of the cloud is going to exercise people greatly in the future and CLoudSplit has been created to address that need.

CloudSplit will,

  • Track your cloud spend in real time
  • Give you a clear understanding of what you are spending and where
  • Send you alerts if your spending exceeds a threshold you define
  • Initiate a stoploss to cut off your cloud spend should you exceed your stop loss threshold

We plan to expand on these services in the future and are targeting users of Infrastructure as a Service products such as Amazon and Azure. So if you use those services and you want to understand your costs swing on over to and register your interest.

You can also follow us on twitter.

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